Articles and Essays by Mark Engler

Against Shithole Nationalism

When it comes to defeating Trump's bigoted and ignorant foreign policy, we are not up against an anomaly. We’re up against a history.

When “America First” is a Corporate Scam

Trump’s policy is a top-down nationalism for America’s rich, when what we need—both here and abroad—is an internationalism from below.

The Obscenity of Extreme Wealth

After a certain point, the rich have to be creative in inventing new material wants as any reasonable need has already been met.

Naming Our Desire: How Do We Talk About Socialism in America?

The millennial embrace of socialism has allowed a new generation to draw inspiration from a long legacy of struggle.

Confronting a Culture of Sexual Violence

To make this culture of sexual harassment a thing of the past requires organizing and mass mobilization.

The Dangerous Dignity of War

Why it only takes a bit of a bomb-dropping and sabre-rattling to rally the reporters and bestow a presidential aura on our leaders.

Down with America’s Racist Monuments

Taking down monuments to people who fought to defend slavery should not be controversial at all. Yet in the US today, it is.