Articles and Essays by Mark Engler

George Takei’s Social Media Activism

A Nobel Prize for Drone Strikes?: Obama’s War on Terror

Are you between age 16 and 60 in a part of the global South targeted by the Pentagon? Until proven innocent, you're counted as a combatant if hit.

The Pope and the Poor

On the divided reaction to the announcement of Pope Francis I.

¿Adoptará el nuevo papa la teología de la liberación?

La “opción preferencial por los pobres”, la idea antes radical de que Dios se alinea e identifica con los oprimidos y empobrecidos, ha sido convertida en corriente dominante como doctrina teológica católica.

Will the Next Pope Embrace Liberation Theology?

The “preferential option for the poor,” the once-radical idea that God identifies with the oppressed and impoverished, has been mainstreamed as Catholic theological doctrine.

How Many Gun Massacres More?

A radical proposal would go well beyond controlling the most aggressive semi-automatic rifles and curbing arms sales to the world's worst dictatorships. It would also demand a change in our political system.

The Real “Farmer” Story: So God Made High-Fructose Corn Syrup

The Dodge Superbowl ad celebrates a type of farming that corporate agribusiness has all but obliterated in the past fifty years.