Articles and Essays by Mark Engler

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Has U.S. Foreign Policy “Failed”?

Analyzing "good faith" and "bad faith" criticisms of American actions.

A Progressive Declaration Against Terror

Fighting terror while opposing Bush.

On the Necessity of Torture

Ending abuses requires challenging an imperial conception of national purpose.

Six Essays About War and About Peace

A series of post-9/11 reflections.

The Peace Movement One Year Later

One year after the invasion of Iraq, what has the peace movement accomplished? And where do we go from here?

U.N. Spies and Iraq War Lies

While spying on one's allies may not be unusual at the UN, new charges against the US and Britain paint a damning picture of the unseemly push for war in Iraq.

The Iraqi Monkey Crisis

Bush's invocation of the Cuban Missile Crisis to justify war in Iraq was absurd--but telling.

The WMD Blame Game

The independent investigation into Iraq WMD claims must have power to look beyond technical intelligence-gathering processes and investigate how the White House misused findings in its push for war.

“The Leak” Still Drips of Scandal

Before 2004's presidential elections every American should take another look at the Bush administration's outing of an undercover CIA agent.

Mark Twain in Iraq?

The famous writer championed a proud tradition American anti-imperialism.