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U.S. Military Spending Marches On

How on earth do you get a bipartisan consensus against cuts and for stimulus? Call it the defense budget.

Afghanistan: Should We Stay or Should We Go?

At an FPIF panel on Afghanistan at the Left Forum, panelists agreed that there are no military solutions to the current situation but disagreed on whether U.S. troops should leave as soon as possible.

American Empire Foreclosed?

A reconsideration of U.S. power in a time of economic crisis.

The Ascent of Niall Ferguson

In his new "financial history of the world" a historian famous for celebrating empire turns to praise the wonders of capital.

The War Dividend

Will the Pentagon lock the Obama administration into ever-escalating military budgets?

Obama’s Top Three Foreign Policy Priorities

A Foreign Policy In Focus roundtable.

Progressive Good Tidings of 2007

Along with political challenges, the past year offered some hopeful advances-- many of which came just in last few weeks.

A History of Nonviolence

The author of "Cod" suggests that the world's most dangerous idea could have derailed the American Revolution, the Civil War and possibly even World War II.

The Latin American Roots of Empire

A review of Empire's Workshop by Greg Grandin.

How Costly Is Too Costly?

Finding the tipping point for Vietnam -- and for Iraq.