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Moneyed Unexceptionalism

The expanding rights of corporate “people” are creating an ever-greater gap between America's democratic ideals and political reality.

The Midterms and Misery Theory

A contribution to a Dissent magazine symposium on the 2010 midterm elections.

Busting the Pendulum

Building a progressive U.S. politics means looking beyond the back-and-forth swings of each election cycle.

Immigration Economics: An Interview with Professor Giovanni Peri

Doesn’t supply and demand dictate that new immigrants will steal jobs and drive down wages for U.S. citizens? A leading immigration economist explains why not.

Soul of a Citizen: A Review

Paul Rogat Loeb's well-regarded 1999 book on activism is out in a revised and updated edition.
Secretary of Labor

Hilda Solis: Protecting Workers, Not Corporations

Amid the disappointments of Obama's first year in office is one bright spot: a Department of Labor that stands up for workers' rights.

Grading the Obama Administration on Honduras: D

How the White House botched its response to the Honduran coup.

Grading the Obama Administration on Trade: B

Why the White House agenda is incomplete, and why that's not all bad.

MLK Economics

How Dr. King might have responded to current crises of recession, unemployment, and foreclosure.

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Mark Engler quoted in a Russian article about Obama's first 100 days.