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Palm Trees in the Snow

There are no palm trees in Wisconsin. And public fiscal problems were not caused by union greed.

The Wealthy Wage War

Public sector unions are among the only institutions that still stand against the unchecked influence of corporations. And they are under attack.

The US Military Budget

There is broad consensus that a ‘multipolar’ order will emerge in coming decades, in which the US will have to compete for alpha-dog status within different regions with rivals.

U.S. Military Spending Marches On

How on earth do you get a bipartisan consensus against cuts and for stimulus? Call it the defense budget.

The Hole in America’s Middle

The unshakable notion that everyone in the country is middle class has helped push us ever closer to a society where nobody is.

Moneyed Unexceptionalism

The expanding rights of corporate “people” are creating an ever-greater gap between America's democratic ideals and political reality.

The Midterms and Misery Theory

A contribution to a Dissent magazine symposium on the 2010 midterm elections.

Busting the Pendulum

Building a progressive U.S. politics means looking beyond the back-and-forth swings of each election cycle.

Immigration Economics: An Interview with Professor Giovanni Peri

Doesn’t supply and demand dictate that new immigrants will steal jobs and drive down wages for U.S. citizens? A leading immigration economist explains why not.

Soul of a Citizen: A Review

Paul Rogat Loeb's well-regarded 1999 book on activism is out in a revised and updated edition.