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The Pope and the Poor

On the divided reaction to the announcement of Pope Francis I.

Will the Next Pope Embrace Liberation Theology?

The “preferential option for the poor,” the once-radical idea that God identifies with the oppressed and impoverished, has been mainstreamed as Catholic theological doctrine.

The Catholic Worker Movement: A Definition

An entry for the Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice.

Mel Gibson’s True Passion

Gibson's vulgar, anti-Semitic rant upon his arrest for drunk driving should prompt reexamination of The Passion of the Christ.

The Birth of The Burning Bush

How the Center for the Working Poor began.

Reverend Billy’s Holiday Shopocalypse

The Church of Stop Shopping hits the road.

John Paul II’s Economic Ethics

The departed Pope's vision of an alternative globalization should challenge narrow debate about "moral values."

Remembering Romero

With a White House that uses El Salvador as a model for Iraq, we still have much to learn from the assassination of Archbishop Romero twenty-five years ago.

Against the God of Free Trade

The Free Trade Area of the Americas meets the Other Catholicism.

In God’s Country

A review of Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith by Jon Krakauer