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The Politics of Persistence

To answer the question "Are 'anti-globalization' protests destined for irrelevance in a political landscape transformed by September 11?" we must ask, "Why were they relevant in the first place?"

With Harvard Sit-In Victory, A Movement Continues

After twenty-one days, living wage activists have emerged victorious. Here's why their sit-in not only shook the campus, but signaled an important win for progressives across the country who are fighting globalization battles on the home front.

Conflict in Quebec

Eyewitness Report and Analysis from the FTAA protests in Quebec City.

Teamsters and Turtles Unite Again

Why Quebec City will witness the Labor movement's return to globalization activism.

The Inauguration and Its Discontents

A Protest Against the Odds.

The People’s Conventions

In-Depth Analysis of the Protests at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

The Real Populism is in the Streets

An op-ed from the Democratic National Convention.