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New York Says “No”

Why the city will -- and should -- demonstrate against the Republican Convention.

Six Essays About War and About Peace

A series of post-9/11 reflections.

Miami’s Trade Troubles

Contrary to the Bush Administration's spin, the Free Trade Area of the Americas met defeat in militarized Miami.

Global Showdown in Evian

The real voices of international concern at the G8 summit will be coming from the streets.

New York Against the War

With Congress seemingly locked into war, democracy demands dissent. The protest in New York delivered.

From “Anti-Globalization” to a World of Possibilities

Three years after the 1999 Seattle protests, a maturing social movement defies its negative label.

From the Quarantine Against Greed

A report from outside the 2002 annual meetings of the IMF/World Bank in Washington, D.C.

Marching for a Global Peace

Militaristic responses may be simpler than multi-issue protests, but they cannot make the world a safer place.

The Politics of Persistence

To answer the question "Are 'anti-globalization' protests destined for irrelevance in a political landscape transformed by September 11?" we must ask, "Why were they relevant in the first place?"

With Harvard Sit-In Victory, A Movement Continues

After twenty-one days, living wage activists have emerged victorious. Here's why their sit-in not only shook the campus, but signaled an important win for progressives across the country who are fighting globalization battles on the home front.