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The “Battle in Seattle” at Ten

Did the 1999 protests against the World Trade Organization actually make a difference?

Pranksters Fixing the World

With a new film, the Yes Men carry forth their gonzo brand of anti-corporate activism.

Climate Disobedience

Deciding the time has come for direct action to stop global warming.

The Impact of the “Battle In Seattle”

The 1999 protests against the WTO were dramatic enough to inspire a new feature film, but did they actually make a difference?

There Is an Alternative to Corporate Rule

All over the world, truly democratic approaches are bubbling up from the grassroots.

Defining the Anti-Globalization Movement

An entry for the Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice.

Reverend Billy’s Holiday Shopocalypse

The Church of Stop Shopping hits the road.

The Last Porto Alegre

Assessing the state of the World Social Forum after five years.

Republicans Among Us

A week in review from the Republican National Convention, inside and out.

New York Says “No”

Why the city will -- and should -- demonstrate against the Republican Convention.