Articles and Essays by Mark Engler

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Remembering Romero

With a White House that uses El Salvador as a model for Iraq, we still have much to learn from the assassination of Archbishop Romero twenty-five years ago.

The Last Porto Alegre

Assessing the state of the World Social Forum after five years.

Reporting from Labor’s Borderlands

A review of The Children of NAFTA: Labor Wars on the U.S./Mexico Border.

The El Salvador Model

What are the lessons from the Salvadoran civil war for Iraq?

Crimes in Freedom’s Name

Dick Cheney's El Salvador

Old Dog, Same Tricks?

The CIA then and now.

Revenge of the Combat Cartoonist

A review of How to Succeed at Globalization: A Primer for the Roadside Vendor by El Fisgón.

Oiled Again

Free trade agreement threatens Costa Rican environmental protections.

Bush’s Uneasy Mexican Visita

On the tenth anniversary of the Zapatista uprising, President Bush encounters an unruly Latin America.

The Trouble With CAFTA

A ratified CAFTA would represent a clear blow to poor and working people in the Americas. But that outcome is anything but certain.