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The Children of Intervention

Many of the root causes of immigration from Latin America are connected with U.S. intervention abroad.

The Pan American

The world of Eduardo Galeano.

Against Shithole Nationalism

When it comes to defeating Trump's bigoted and ignorant foreign policy, we are not up against an anomaly. We’re up against a history.

Kissinger is Not Our Friend

The former US Secretary of State endorsed human rights violations in Bangladesh, Cambodia and Argentina, yet Hillary Clinton calls him 'a friend.'

Even If You Have Nothing to Hide

Story after story, fueled by leaks from former security contractor Edward Snowden, is uncovering a U.S. surveillance empire with unprecedented reach and breadth.

End Illegal Spying; Don’t Shoot the Whistleblower

What were the elected officials doing for weeks before realizing that runaway surveillance programs might actually be dangerous and unconstitutional? Rather than facing unpleasant facts, they've preferred to kill the proverbial messenger.

The Pope and the Poor

On the divided reaction to the announcement of Pope Francis I.

Will the Next Pope Embrace Liberation Theology?

The “preferential option for the poor,” the once-radical idea that God identifies with the oppressed and impoverished, has been mainstreamed as Catholic theological doctrine.

Grading the Obama Administration on Honduras: D

How the White House botched its response to the Honduran coup.

Will the Winds of Change Reach El Salvador?

The prospect of progressive leadership coming to power in El Salvador's March 15 presidential elections should prompt new U.S. policy toward Central America.