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Progressive Good Tidings of 2007

Along with political challenges, the past year offered some hopeful advances-- many of which came just in last few weeks.

Fair Trade Sweatshops?

Supporting 'clean clothes' campaigns to end the exploitative labour practices that pervade the textile industry is not as simple as just picking the 'right' brand to buy.

The Birth of The Burning Bush

How the Center for the Working Poor began.

The End of Gap Sweatshops?

Victories and challenges for the anti-sweatshop movement.

Amnistia Ahora!

The Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride revives the U.S. immigration debate.

Taking Back Your Time

Come October 24, if our country's workload were on par with the rest of the industrialized world, you would have the rest of the year off.

Activism’s Autumn Harvest

Just when we need some good news, those of us concerned with social and economic justice can see several of our efforts bear fruit.

Ride Toward Freedom

More than championing a set of just immigration reforms, the activists on the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride are shaping the future of American progressivism.

Building Labor Internationalism

From the realignments at the top of the AFL-CIO hierarchy to the immigrant-driven campaigns at the base of the movement, commitment to internationalist struggle provides a key measure of U.S. Labor's efforts at renewal.

Immigrant Rights Are Workers’ Rights

A Labor Day Commentary.