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The Winter of the Climate Denier

The North American Climate-Change Denier is an invasive species that poses serious risk to other plant and animal life on the planet.

Climate of Change: An “Inside-Outside” Strategy Against Global Warming?

If politicians in Washington, DC refuse to talk about our warming planet, how do we shift the climate of national debate?

Provoking an American Climate Crisis

The signs tell us that a climate crisis has arrived in the natural world. The question is: When will this translate into a crisis in the political world?

The Real “Farmer” Story: So God Made High-Fructose Corn Syrup

The Dodge Superbowl ad celebrates a type of farming that corporate agribusiness has all but obliterated in the past fifty years.

Are Humans Doomed to Destroy Themselves?

A review of Tim Flannery's Here on Earth: A Natural History of the Planet.

In Review: Ted Nace’s Climate Hope

On the front lines in the fight against coal

The Gulf at the Gas Station

Why the market fails in calculating the true cost of our dependence on oil.

Heating Up Climate Action

This fall is becoming a breakthrough season for the emerging social movement for climate justice.

Climate Disobedience

Deciding the time has come for direct action to stop global warming.

Why Wendell Matters

Seventy years old this week, the veteran sage of sustainable agriculture has made a life of stewardship, "staying home"--and turning off the computer.