Articles and Essays by Mark Engler

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Failures of an Economic Hit Man

A review of the best-selling Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

No Better Place

The fiction of Wendell Berry.

Reporting from Labor’s Borderlands

A review of The Children of NAFTA: Labor Wars on the U.S./Mexico Border.

Revenge of the Combat Cartoonist

A review of How to Succeed at Globalization: A Primer for the Roadside Vendor by El Fisgón.

Memoirs from the “Architect of Black Power”

A review of Ready for Revolution by Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture).

Schlosser’s Agenda

A review of Reefer Madness by Eric Schlosser.

In God’s Country

A review of Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith by Jon Krakauer

Love, Freedom, Empire

A Review of Freedom Dreams by Robin D. G. Kelley

The Sideshow Rebels

A review of Sideshow, USA by Rachel Adams and Jay's Journal of Anomalies by Ricky Jay.

Whither a New Internationalism?

A review of Upside Down by Eduardo Galeano.