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Even If You Have Nothing to Hide

Story after story, fueled by leaks from former security contractor Edward Snowden, is uncovering a U.S. surveillance empire with unprecedented reach and breadth.

There’s Always Money for War

There is something uniquely disturbing about an industry that not only has incentive to push for war as part of its business plan, but also possesses the lobbying power to move lawmakers who might otherwise object to White House designs.

End Illegal Spying; Don’t Shoot the Whistleblower

What were the elected officials doing for weeks before realizing that runaway surveillance programs might actually be dangerous and unconstitutional? Rather than facing unpleasant facts, they've preferred to kill the proverbial messenger.

A Nobel Prize for Drone Strikes?: Obama’s War on Terror

Are you between age 16 and 60 in a part of the global South targeted by the Pentagon? Until proven innocent, you're counted as a combatant if hit.

How Many Gun Massacres More?

A radical proposal would go well beyond controlling the most aggressive semi-automatic rifles and curbing arms sales to the world's worst dictatorships. It would also demand a change in our political system.

Guantanamo Has Got to Go

Protesting Ten Years of Indefinite Detention

The Indestructable Osprey

Many agree that the V-22 Osprey is a major bust, so why does the government keep authorizing spending on it?

War: The Wrong Jobs Program

The real question is not whether the government should spend on job creation. It is whether the government has been spending well.

Ten Years After 9/11, Time to End Perpetual War

Should the "War on Terror" come to an end?

Overcoming Empire is Not a Spectator Sport

The United States may be in geopolitical decline, but futurist predictions do not make the work ahead of us any less demanding.